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We offer the 'Vanguard Solution' for large and small equity banks in need of financial risk analysis software.

Leads and Opportunities

LoanVantage® enables you to identify and track new business opportunities easily with a simple lead tracking interface.   You can work with either new or existing customers or a combination of both on any new deal.

Once all parties are identified, you can begin structuring the deal and identifying initial terms. You can even spread an initial quick cash flow to determine the feasibility of proceeding.

Our Sales Pipeline Tracking supports identification of the status of all potential deals and the activities in process for each. Reporting can include current status and activity by Officer, Branch, Region, and includes close percentages and potential funding requirements.


Underwriting and Analysis

Financial Spreading and Analytics is delivered through our industry leading and robust financial spreading module including Individual and Global Cash Flows, personal and business tax return spreading, plus traditional balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows.  LoanVantage® supports multiple spread models such as General Middle Market, Not for Profit, Hospital Not for Profit, Contractor, and Personal.

You can even spread the subject CRE property and the analysis includes the property Operating Statement, NOI Calculations, DSCR & Adjusted DSCR, CRE Ratios & Analysis. LoanVantage® CRE supports multiple Industry Spread Models for collateral types including Retail, Multi-Family and Hospitality.

Underwriter’s Projections are supported enabling the underwriter to fully and completely document the assumptions and values used to arrive at the projection. You can import the rent roll and LoanVantage will perform sophisticated Tenant Rollover and DSCR Stress analysis on the property.

LoanVantage® works seamlessly with Microsoft Word® so that you can automate the creation of your loan presentation/credit memo report. The information from LoanVantage® is available at your fingertips while in Word via the LoanVantage® toolbar add-in. Critical data from LoanVantage® can be dropped into the Reports seamlessly and mini-financials and mini-reports bring the information directly into Word, without re-keying of data. When you save the document in Word it saves the document back to LoanVantage®.


Loan Approval

LoanVantage® utilizes electronic approvals to ensure proper routing and approval by all required parties. The loan presentation may be electronically routed for approvals based upon variables including the amount of the loan, the type of loan, total relationship exposure, etc.

Workflows are also available for the loan approval process, enabling the Bank to define the routing process for the loan package, capturing the electronic signatures, and forwarding the package to the next approval stage.


Loan Origination

When you are ready to book the loan to the core, LoanVantage® can upload directly to your core or interface to another loan origination system for document preparation or boarding.   You may also produce documents from LoanVantage®.   LoanVantage® can also facilitate attorney prepared documents using our online attorney/agent document portal.


Portfolio Management

LoanVantage® provides a robust system for ongoing Collateral Management.   Easily augment your core collateral records with additional data to track specific fields for titled collateral, UCC, securities and real estate. 

LoanVantage® Policy Exceptions Tracking allows you to analyze and control exceptions to your bank's loan policies. At the time of loan origination record any policy exceptions and they will be tracked through the life of the loan.

LoanVantage® Covenant Tracking allows you to monitor both affirmative and negative covenants.   Financial covenants monitoring is easy using the LoanVantage® integrated spread module which allows automated calculations of financial covenants. Financial covenants reflect your institution’s standards for the financial strength and performance of your borrowers and serve as protections for both your institution and for the borrower.

Easily manage recurring financial and insurance ticklers using the LoanVantage® exception tracking module. Use LoanVantage® merge letters and merge email capabilities to request financial information from your customers.

LoanVantage® manages CRE Risk with Tenant Concentration Reports that clearly identify risk exposure for a single tenant across loans, e.g., show all loans where Walgreen’s is a tenant. Additional CRE reports include Collateral Type Concentration, Property Type Concentration, and Query Driven Ad Hoc Reporting with user defined parameters like Loans with DSCR < 1.20 or Collateral with LTV > 80%.


Customer Communication

By maintaining a high level of communication with our clients through secure email, conference calls, web meetings, video calls, and in-person visits throughout our entire process, we are able to discern the exact needs of our clients with clarity and ease during all stages of implementation.

The openness we have with our clients allows us to be very receptive to any changes that may need to happen over time due to changing industry standards and requests presented by customers.

We also realize that consistent communication makes it easier for you to bring new ideas to the table that can help our platform grow and mature faster. In fact, our degree of open communication is one of, if not the main reason why we are able to create the Vanguard Solution in our field.

Work with us now, and we can start breathing life into all your amazing ideas. Let's build the future, today.

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