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LoanVantage Financial Suite

Everything you could need out of a financial suite

Advanced Financial Spreading

Financial Spreading and Analytics is delivered through our industry leading and robust financial spreading module including Individual and Global Cash Flows, personal and business tax return spreading, plus traditional balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows. LoanVantage® supports multiple spread models such as General Middle Market, Not for Profit, Hospital Not for Profit, Contractor, and Personal.

Financial Spreading is user friendly and designed to limit mouse use to speed data entry. A few features to highlight the robustness are:

  • Unlimited Customers, Unlimited Periods
  • Annual and Interim Periods are supported
  • Hide/show periods and Arrange periods in any order via drag and drop;
  • Insert contextual rows – inserted row inherits characteristics of source row;
  • Change labels;
  • Override on key fields – forces transparency for changes to spreads;
  • Add Calculator Tape to almost any field;
  • Formula Bar – allows use of complex formulas, including most Excel formulas and formulas are retained;
  • Over 50 Financial Ratios supported; Financial Ratios annualize interim periods for apples to apples comparisons;
  • Add Financial Notes at Customer level, Spread level, Period level and Cell level

Special Financial Spread Reporting

  • Quick Financials – bundle spread reports into report packages so user can quickly and easily print out customer financials in a specific order
  • All reports can be printed as PDF or exported to Excel
  • Print financial data in Actual, Thousands, or Millions
  • Suppress all rows with zero values for crisp, clear reports
  • Optionally print notes and schedule details.

Business Financial Spreading includes:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Traditional Cash Flow
  • Financial Ratios
  • UCA Summary Cash Flow
  • UCA Detailed Cash Flow
  • FASB – Direct Cash Flow
  • FASB – Indirect Cash Flow
  • Reconciliation of Working Capital
  • Reconciliation of Net Worth
  • Reconciliation of Retained Earnings
  • Business Tax Returns + applicable Schedules A, L. if completed, data is transferred and normalized in the business Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • 1065 Business Tax Return
    • 1120 Business Tax Return
    • 1120S Business Tax Return
    • 990 Non-Profit Tax Return
  • RMA Comparisons

Personal Financial Spreading includes:

  • Personal Financial Statement
    • Adjustments to Net Worth
  • 1040 + 1040 Schedules – optional, if completed data is transferred to the Personal Cash Flow
  • Personal Cash Flow
    • DSCR calculation
    • Debt-To-Income Calculation
  • Flexible global cash flow reporting
    • Select which parties are included in the calculation per deal
    • Personal and Business party spreads are normalized for accurate view of global cash flow, e.g., personal parties can be spread in actual and business in thousands and both can be included in the global cash flow

Covenants Monitoring

Covenant Identification and Monitoring enables tracking of both financial and non-financial covenants. The covenants are fully configurable by your bank so you can track and monitor the covenants important to you. Monitoring includes both affirmative and negative covenants.   Affirmative covenants might include maintaining proper insurance coverages, on-time payments, and the regular provision of financial statements. Negative covenants would include any action (or lack of action) that would diminish or devalue the property or asset.

Covenant reporting and tracking includes the specification of each covenant item required, a due date for the provision (if applicable), and a methodology to indicate satisfaction of the covenant item for the reporting period. A covenant breach will be quickly and easily noticeable.

LoanVantage FS® generates reporting for items upcoming as well as past-due. The financial statement spreading module and covenants work closely together to ensure the ability to calculate covenants and generate any related tracking reports required.

LoanVantage enables your bank to easily monitor financial and non-financial covenants. Financial covenants reflect your institution’s standards for the financial strength and performance of your borrowers and serve as protections for both your institution and for the borrower.

  • Work Queues allow officers to see only the covenants they need to be aware of
  • Non-Financial Covenants
    • g., line must rest
  • Financial Covenants
    • Can be linked to financial spread ratio and automatically checked for compliance when the customer’s financials are spread
  • Merge letters easily generated
  • Exception portal so that bulk letters can be generated
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