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LoanVantage Master Suite

The Premier Commercial Loan Management System

LoanVantage® delivers robust functionality and capabilities across the entire Commercial Loan Department. LoanVantage® delivers these capabilities with current, up to date information enabled by its daily and complete integration with your core system.

LoanVantage® integration with your core system is the most complete integration available today. All Relationships in your core system plus detailed Customer, Commitment, Loan, Participation, Charge Off, Collateral, and Deposit information are updated in LoanVantage® and as well as User Defined Fields and List Tables. And this information from your core system is refreshed daily in LoanVantage®.

Your Commercial Loan Department will have the most current information available when they are working with your Commercial Loan customers on the bank’s most important Commercial Loan deals.   When you combine robust integration of your core system with the multi-faceted capabilities of LoanVantage®, you have the undisputed and industry-leading Commercial Loan Lifecycle Management Solution.

Centralized Loan Lifecycle Management

The combination of LoanVantage® and your core system, with our daily, robust integration, delivers the industry’s best Commercial Loan Lifecycle Management.



  • Relationship centric
  • Browser based system access across your intranet
  • Centralized database
  • Core Import each night
  • Entire Loan Lifecycle
    • New Loan Request
    • Renewals
    • Loan Review
    • Waiver, Amendments & Modifications
    • Criticized Asset Reporting
  • Data entered in one process is available for all
    • Covenants
    • Exceptions
    • Documents
    • Financial Spreading

New Loan Requests and Renewals

Loan Requests that enables the process of gathering all borrower and guarantor information; identifying the final deal structure and all requirements; initiating Business Rules and Workflow management to ensure all task are completed and compliant; identifying collateral and gathering financials and utilizing advanced analytics including risk ratings, ratios and RMA comparisons;

Income and cash flow analysis with vacancy and interest rate sensitivities and stress testing; identifying covenants and required docs; finalizing the deal, producing the presentation report/term sheet, and routing for approvals with electronic distribution and sign-off; and moving the approved deal to Document Preparation for the final Document Package and upload to the core system.

Waivers, Amendments, and Modifications

LoanVantage® supports documentation of covenant waivers, quick and easy administrative extensions, and modifications and TDR modifications for existing loans.

The “WAM” process provides specific task flow for each scenario to ensure required activities and information is gathered and updated. Customizable documentation ensures standard and consistent reporting.

Loan Review

LoanVantage® enables loan officers to review the relationship on a periodic basis and document.   The Officer Loan Review uses task flow tailored to ensure required activities and information is gathered and updated.

Customized Loan Review Summary documentation ensures standard and consistent reporting.

Criticized Asset Management and Reporting

Criticized Asset Management and Reporting is supported using tailored workflow to ensure the required activities and information are gathered, initially reported and consistently updated. Criticized Asset Management reports are auto-generated in LoanVantage® each month or quarter.

Once an initial report is generated, additional reports automatically incorporate the latest information from the core system including dates, balances and related activity. Accuracy and consistency are ensured with each report by simply updating changed information and saving the report.

Improving Regulatory Compliance

LoanVantage enables banks to more effectively comply with the many complex regulatory requirements including:

Bank Secrecy Act, Know Your Customer, Customer Identification Program, Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Reg B), Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), Community Reinvestment Act, Housing and Community Development Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Flood Disaster Protection Act, Dodd-Frank Act, Reg O, Truth in Lending (Reg Z).



Use Microsoft Word® to build merge letter forms which are utilized in LoanVantage to merge in customer and loan data. Eliminate the tedious process of building term sheets or commitment letters from scratch as LoanVantage® can merge in relevant fields and allow the user to complete the document in Microsoft Word® then save the completed document back into LoanVantage®.

Task Flow

Task Flow is a key component of LoanVantage® as it supports consistency in the tasks and requirements, underwriting and management of various loan activities. Using various selection criteria, you determine what activities and information are required and in what order for each process (New loan request, CRE New Loan Request, Loan Review, etc). Activities are bundled into tasks and as each are closed the next tasks are opened and notice sent to the responsible party. Managers and lenders can see the status of each file at a glance.

In LoanVantage, the Task Flow is a simple checklist of tasks and activities that the users of LoanVantage carry out to process loans and complete their work. Many different checklists can be created and combined in order to accommodate the processes that have already been established at your institution.

Work Queues combine with Task Flow to assist teams or individual users to organize and track their specific activities. When a user signs on to LoanVantage® they are automatically taken to their work queue which enables them to begin (or to continue) working on their most critical priorities and to keep abreast of any new activities that have been assigned to them.

  • Identify and Manage Required Tasks using powerful Business Rules, Workflow and Work Queues
  • Eliminate loan checklists using business rules
  • Non-technical people manage the configuration of loan products, business rules, and required documents

User Dashboard

Work Queues are displayed on the portal and provide LoanVantage users with the ability to view subsets of Loans, Activities, and Exceptions that meet certain criteria. Work Queues provide users with a customized “View” of their relevant data. Work Queues are built using the query builder, which is robust and allows for the creation of very specific queues. These queues can be assigned to individual users or assigned to specific teams. When your users sign into LoanVantage, the queue will display on the main Portal screen.


Customized Page Layouts

The Custom Page View functionality allows you to customize the way that the fields behave on user screens based upon the evaluation of a business rule. This allows you to create unique views for different situations and different types of loan files. Multiple template views can be created for each type of screen (Facility, Customer, Collateral, Lead, AQR, Loan Request, WAM, Review, Relationship, and Rate Schedule.)


  • View by role (loan officer vs credit analyst vs. loan operations)
  • View by loan type (CRE vs. Line of Credit)
  • View by Facility type (Note vs. Commitment)

Robust Business Rules

LoanVantage® Business Rules Engineallows for dynamic customization of tasks and activities. Driven by user defined variables which could include Loan Type, Collateral and other key deal identifiers, Tasks and Processes are streamlined to correspond to the specific Loan Request.

Business Rules consist of a set of conditions that need to be met in order for another process to be set in motion or to determine which direction that process takes.


Business rules are used to drive many functions in LoanVantage.



Leads and Opportunity Tracking

LoanVantage supports identification of referrals for potential new business, movement of referral to bona fide opportunities, gathering of data required to perform due diligence, confirm forward progress, and begin the process of building the deal. Identifying and tracking new business opportunities is easy and you can work with either new or existing customers or a combination of both on any new deal. Once all parties are identified, you can begin structuring the deal and identifying initial terms.

Our Sales Pipeline Tracking supports identification of the status of all potential deals and the activities in process for each. Reporting can include current status and activity by Officer, Branch, Region, and includes close percentages and potential funding requirements.

LoanVantage Report NameUsed ByNotes
Leads by StageLendersWorks with Lead work queues set up to filter by Lead Status. Returns converted and non-converted leads.
Credit Pipeline by Facility StatusCreditWorks with Lead work queues sset up to filter by Facility Status. Returns converted leads only.
Credit Pipeline by AnalystCreditWorks with Lead work queues set up to filter by Facility Status. Returns converted leads only.
Lender Pipeline - Grouped by LenderCreditWorks with Lead work queues set up to filter by Facility Status. Returns converted leads only.
Lender Pipeline - Grouped by Lead StatusLendersWorks with Lead work queues set up to filter by Lead Status. Returns converted and non-converted leads.
Management Pipeline - Grouped by Facility StatusManagementWorks with Lead work queues set up to filter by Facility Status. Returns converted leads only. Fiscal period is not supported at this time.


Advanced Financial Spreading

Financial Spreading and Analytics is delivered through our industry leading and robust financial spreading module including Individual and Global Cash Flows, personal and business tax return spreading, plus traditional balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows. LoanVantage® supports multiple spread models such as General Middle Market, Not for Profit, Hospital Not for Profit, Contractor, and Personal.

Financial Spreading is user friendly and designed to limit mouse use to speed data entry. A few features to highlight the robustness are:

  • Unlimited Customers, Unlimited Periods
  • Annual and Interim Periods are supported
  • Hide/show periods and Arrange periods in any order via drag and drop;
  • Insert contextual rows – inserted row inherits characteristics of source row;
  • Change labels;
  • Override on key fields – forces transparency for changes to spreads;
  • Add Calculator Tape to almost any field;
  • Formula Bar – allows use of complex formulas, including most Excel formulas and formulas are retained;
  • Over 50 Financial Ratios supported; Financial Ratios annualize interim periods for apples to apples comparisons;
  • Add Financial Notes at Customer level, Spread level, Period level and Cell level

Special Financial Spread Reporting

  • Quick Financials – bundle spread reports into report packages so user can quickly and easily print out customer financials in a specific order
  • All reports can be printed as PDF or exported to Excel
  • Print financial data in Actual, Thousands, or Millions
  • Suppress all rows with zero values for crisp, clear reports
  • Optionally print notes and schedule details.

Business Financial Spreading includes:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Traditional Cash Flow
  • Financial Ratios
  • UCA Summary Cash Flow
  • UCA Detailed Cash Flow
  • FASB – Direct Cash Flow
  • FASB – Indirect Cash Flow
  • Reconciliation of Working Capital
  • Reconciliation of Net Worth
  • Reconciliation of Retained Earnings
  • Business Tax Returns + applicable Schedules A, L. if completed, data is transferred and normalized in the business Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • 1065 Business Tax Return
    • 1120 Business Tax Return
    • 1120S Business Tax Return
    • 990 Non-Profit Tax Return
  • RMA Comparisons

Personal Financial Spreading includes:

  • Personal Financial Statement
    • Adjustments to Net Worth
  • 1040 + 1040 Schedules – optional, if completed data is transferred to the Personal Cash Flow
  • Personal Cash Flow
    • DSCR calculation
    • Debt-To-Income Calculation
  • Flexible global cash flow reporting
    • Select which parties are included in the calculation per deal
    • Personal and Business party spreads are normalized for accurate view of global cash flow, e.g., personal parties can be spread in actual and business in thousands and both can be included in the global cash flow


Collateral Tracking System

Collateral Monitoring includes identification and support of multiple collateral types with specific data gathering requirements for each. LoanVantage® includes sophisticated collateral analysis and valuations including multiple LTV types: e.g., Current, As Stabilized, and As Complete. LoanVantage® maintains a history of collateral values as well as a complete LTV history for each LTV type.

Ongoing Collateral Management identifies and tracks multiple collateral types that cover the breadth of C&I and CRE lending. LoanVantage® has very powerful CRE collateral tracking and analytics capabilities. It also supports asset or borrowing based collateral tracking capabilities with   recalculation of funds available to lend with reporting to monitor asset or borrowing-based loans, including limits, available balances, and percent usage calculations.

LoanVantage® also has the ability to monitor collateral values, to set review dates and frequencies and to update values for stocks and securities or non-tangible collaterals, track stock ticker, par value as well as expirations or maturities for other collateral types. Collateral values are tracked and history is maintained for all changes. At a glance, original value and current value are displayed.   Stocks include total value and price per share as well as the number of shares. Insurance includes policy, value at inception, value at maturity, premium amounts, due dates and expirations. VIN and license tracking for vehicles, boats, or aircraft and their related statistics are stored including year or manufacture, make, model, state of licensure, purchase price, and current value.


Credit Write Up

Presentation Reports/Word Narratives LoanVantage® works seamlessly with Microsoft Word® so that you can automate the creation of the loan presentation/credit memo report. The information from LoanVantage® is available at your fingertips while in Word via the LoanVantage® toolbar. Critical data from LoanVantage® can be dropped into the Reports seamlessly and mini-financials and mini-reports bring the information directly into Word, without re-keying of data.

When you save the document in Word it saves the document back to LoanVantage®.   Report templates are available enabling you to have specific reports you use for types of loans and/or specific activities such as new loan requests vs. loan reviews.   This flexibility allows you to design exactly the report you need for each and every situation.


Policy Exception Tracking

Policy Exceptions Identification and Tracking includes very powerful and flexible identification and tracking of Policy Exceptions in the underwriting process. This might include notations of no guarantee, unsecured credit, or notations for higher risk borrowers, is for on-going tracking of the risk and should be reviewed periodically.   Policy Exceptions are defined by your bank in LoanVantage® and automated using our powerful Business Rules to ensure the identification of each Policy Exception during the approval process and ongoing during the review process. Policy Exceptions are defined using the LoanVantage® Business Rules and automatically flagged for handling before the loan is sent for approval.

LoanVantage Policy Exceptions allows you to analyze and control exceptions to your bank's loan policies.

  • Tracked at time of origination
    • Easy to pull reports to see what they are and where they are occurring
    • by Officer
    • by Region
    • by Loan Type
  • Part of approval process
    • An exception can cause a “bump” in the approval matrix thus causing a loan with exceptions to go down a different approval path


Covenants Identification & Monitoring

Covenant Identification and Monitoring enables tracking of both financial and non-financial covenants. The covenants are fully configurable by your bank so you can track and monitor the covenants important to you. Monitoring includes both affirmative and negative covenants.   Affirmative covenants might include maintaining proper insurance coverages, on-time payments, and the regular provision of financial statements. Negative covenants would include any action (or lack of action) that would diminish or devalue the property or asset.

Covenant reporting and tracking includes the specification of each covenant item required, a due date for the provision (if applicable), and a methodology to indicate satisfaction of the covenant item for the reporting period. A covenant breach will be quickly and easily noticeable.

LoanVantage® generates reporting for items upcoming as well as past-due. The financial statement spreading module and covenants work closely together to ensure the ability to calculate covenants and generate any related tracking reports required.

LoanVantage enables your bank to easily monitor financial and non-financial covenants. Financial covenants reflect your institution’s standards for the financial strength and performance of your borrowers and serve as protections for both your institution and for the borrower.

  • Work Queues allow officers to see only the covenants they need to be aware of
  • Non-Financial Covenants
    • g., line must rest
  • Financial Covenants
    • Can be linked to financial spread ratio and automatically checked for compliance when the customer’s financials are spread
  • Merge letters easily generated
  • Exception portal so that bulk letters can be generated


Required Documents Tracking

Prerequisite Documents are documents that generally need to be collected one time prior to the closing of a loan. Reporting Requirements/Recurring documents are documents that are generally collected on an ongoing basis more than one time.


  • Required Document – Pre-requisite
    • Business rules drive required documents
    • Eliminate manual checklists
  • Required Document – Recurring
    • Users are subscribed to work queues so officers see only the ones they need to track
    • Generate Merge letters easily
    • Exception portal to manage bulk letters and mass email merges

CRE Analysis

Commercial Real Estate Collateral, Spreading and Analytics combines state of the art architecture with standard financial models to bring powerful but easy to use Commercial Real Estate financial analysis to financial institutions. With support for unlimited Collateral Records and Unlimited Periods, there are no limits to the number of collateral records you can spread nor is there a limit on the number of spread periods. You control which periods you want to see and in what order. LoanVantage® also tracks and supports multiple LTV’s including Market, As Stabilized, As Complete, Actual Cost and Estimated. All collateral changes are maintained in history.

CRE Spreading includes Property Income Statement, NOI Calculations, DSCR & Adjusted DSCR, CRE Ratios & Analysis and Property Highlights Summary. LoanVantage® CRE supports multiple Industry Spread Models for collateral types including Retail, Multi-Family and Hospitality. Underwriter’s Projections are supported enabling the underwriter to fully and completely document the assumptions and values used to arrive at the projection. Then the UW projection can be viewed side-by-side with the historical period for at-a-glance comparison.

LoanVantage® CRE also supports projections on the property income statement including Multiple Period Averages (2 years, 5 years, etc.), Inflation Scenarios, Annualized and Trailing Twelve Months.

Rent Rolls are imported and tracked including Per Unit (detailed) or Per Type (summary) options. Sensitivity Analysis is robust and includes Tenant Roll Over, Vacancy Sensitivity, Interest Sensitivity, and Stressed Periods with multiple Parameters Available to Stress including Lease-Up Months, Inflation Factor, Vacancy Rate, and Interest Rate.

LoanVantage® manages CRE Risk with Tenant Concentration Reports that clearly identify risk exposure for a single tenant across loans, e.g., show all loans where Walgreen’s is a tenant. Additional CRE reports include Collateral Type Concentration, Property Type Concentration, Vacancy by Census Track or MSA, and Query Driven Ad Hoc Reporting with user defined parameters like Loans with DSCR < 1.20 or Collateral with LTV > 80%.

Risk Rating Scorecard

Risk Rating Scorecard delivers the power of risk recommendations with fully customizable risk ratings and ratios. The Risk Scorecard functionality standardizes the risk decision-making process by applying your risk model using the data available in LoanVantage® (e.g. credit scores, DSCR, LTV, product types). LoanVantage® will utilize your risk model to deliver the decisioning that you require and ensure that results are accounted for and retained in history.

Electronic Approvals

LoanVantage® utilizes electronic approvals to ensure proper routing and approval by all required parties. The loan presentation may be electronically routed for approvals based upon variables including the amount of the loan, the type of loan, total relationship exposure, etc. Or a combination of factors based upon flexible business rules your bank sets up and manages.

Workflows are also available for the loan approval process, enabling the Bank to define the routing process for the loan package, capturing the electronic signatures, and forwarding the package to the next approval stage. Date tracking is available for the approval process and email reminders can be utilized to ensure timely action is taken to complete the approvals.

Optional Interfaces

In addition to all of these features, we also have a series of optional interfaces should your institution require them. Available interfaces include: Enterprise Imaging Systems, Flood Integration, Credit Inquiry Interfaces, OFAC Check.

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